Today any form of investment holds value as long as it is growing and can be stored for longer periods of time. Coin investments have been one of the best measures for people to store wealth other than cash. Here the rare coins hold the most value and the precious metal coins prove to be valuable of long term benefits.

But what’s truly important is to understand if coin investment is working in your favour or are you just being bluffed!

Have a watchful eye on what you buy!

Government issues a “Do Not Buy” list from time to time to make the customers aware of the frauds that exist in the market. There are lists of the coins which are not regarded as rare coins or coins of value. The agencies selling fraud coins are also listed on the platforms to make the customers aware. It is best to keep watchful eye on the lists to understand the coins that you are investing in. Rare coins shall truly be rare and you would be able to find out the numismatic value attached to it.

Avoid deals from TV shows or flea markets

The TV shopping network offers for a variety of deals for the public. The fancy coins are polished and sometimes even given rusted looks to look old. Same is the case with flea markets where people come to sell their handicraft items or items of value. Chances are that these coins are prejudiced too and presented in a beautiful way to appeal to the customers. Stay aware of the authenticity rules before you purchase any rare coins.

Unworthy sets of coins

Sometimes coins are sold as a set of 5 or set of 3. To be true the rare coins never come in sets as coins were meant to hold value on their own. These are put together as a collection of low grade coins with something in common to make them look appealing and of value. They don’t hold as much value as one perceives.

Say no to modified coins

Modified rare coins lose their value and become almost obsolete. The coin collectors regard them as damaged or destroyed giving it no value at all. However the bullion market may provide for the value of metals they constitute. This might also be much lower than expected.

Coin investments hold importance only when they are genuine, brought from trusted sellers and are truly made of precious metals. Make wiser decisions for safer investments!